What is Seller Financing

Have you ever read the term “Seller financing“ and wondered what that really means? Do terms like “No Credit Check”, “Instant Approval” and “Easy Financing” sound too good to be true. Rest assured that you are not alone. Nowadays it seems like everything needs to go through a huge corporation,  even just buying something.

We bring things back to the old days where people just worked it out between themselves. You work directly with the owner and we answer the phone ourselves.

You pay a document fee and make a small down payment.

You make your monthly payments.

The land is yours.

We really make it that easy!

Our properties are owned 100% by us and are free and clear of liens.  This lets us sell directly to you. We don’t have a bank note to pay so we can work to find the right payment terms with you.  Plus, all our properties are offered with 0% interest seller financing. 

That’s right, 100% of your payment goes towards your purchase!

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